Blinken to speak about aid and Nordic NATO candidacy during visit to earthquake-hit Turkey

MUNICH, Feb 19 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will arrive in Turkey on Sunday for an official visit and will discuss how Washington can further help Ankara as it grapples with the aftermath of a devastating land that killed tens of thousands of people. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and … Read more

Five dead in an Israeli strike on Damascus, according to Syria

By Phelan Chatterjee BBC News 3 hours ago source of images, Getty Images The Syrian army said five people died after Israeli missiles reportedly struck the capital Damascus and its surroundings on Sunday. Officials said a building was hit in the central district of Kafr Sousa, killing four civilians and a soldier. The densely populated … Read more

North Korea confirms ICBM test, touts nuclear counterattack capability | Military News

Pyongyang says its latest ICBM test was intended to boost its “deadly nuclear counterattack” capabilities. North Korea said it fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) as a warning to the United States and South Korea, saying the exercise successfully demonstrated its ability to launch a “nuclear counterattack fatal”. North Korea’s statement on Sunday came a … Read more

Russia targets February 24 for Soyuz MS-22 crew rescue launch

Russia has set a new date for when it will travel to the International Space Station to recover the three astronauts whose Soyuz return spacecraft was compromised. The country’s Roscosmos space agency is targeting the Saturday February 24 launch of MS-23, the uncrewed Soyuz spacecraft that is expected to bring back cosmonauts Dmitry Petelin and … Read more

Several people killed in Israeli raids on Damascus in Syria: report | Military News

According to Syrian media, Israel fired missiles at the Kafr Sousa neighborhood in Damascus, killing five people and injuring 15. Israeli missile attacks on the Syrian capital, Damascus, killed five people and damaged several residential buildings, according to officials and media. The raids early on Sunday hit a building in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood of … Read more

Russia to rush its Su-57 fighters for a big assault on Ukraine; Could be used for typical stealth missions

Russia’s massive offensive is about to take shape in the east, mustering its military aircraft, including its Generation 5 Su-57 fighters, for a final blow, Western military and diplomatic officials noted. The intense and relentless action against Kupyansk, Krasniy Liman, Donetsk and South Donetsk was seen as a precursor to the coup de grace as … Read more

Protesters missing as China steps up crackdown

By Tessa Wong and Grace Tsoi BBC News, Singapore 4 hours ago source of images, Getty Images Legend, Many of those who took part in the November protests held up blank sheets of paper as a symbol of their frustration As China declares victory over the pandemic, the historic November protests that sounded the death … Read more

Cheetahs return to India after decades of extinction

(CNN) Twelve cheetahs have arrived in India as part of efforts to revive the species after decades of extinction in the country. South Africa’s feline predators were airlifted from Johannesburg on Saturday, Indian Air Force announced. The cheetahs will join eight cheetahs that have also been relocated from Namibia to Kuno National Park. The cheetahs … Read more