The high price retirees pay for collecting social security too early

It’s no secret that retirees often have an interest in waiting to receive their social security benefits. But exactly how much money are people leaving on the table by taking their benefits early? A recent study, funded by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, finds that retirees often forgo tens of thousands or even hundreds … Read more

Hungarian Orban accuses EU of prolonging war in Ukraine

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) β€” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday that the European Union was partly responsible for Russia’s protracted war in Ukraine, doubling down on his government’s insistence that supporting Kiev was a mistaken strategy for Europe. Speaking at an annual state of the nation address in Budapest, Orban said the EU … Read more

Kremlin critic missing during prison transfer, allies say

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) β€” Relatives and allies of an opposition politician jailed in Russia say they have not heard from him in a month and are concerned for his well-being. Andrei Pivovarov, sentenced to four years in prison last year, was transferred from a detention center in southern Russia in December. Over the next few … Read more

‘Unthinkable’ that Russia won’t pay for Ukraine’s reconstruction, says EU chief

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Saturday that it would be “unthinkable” for Russia not to pay for Ukraine’s reconstruction. The EU chief told CNBC she was “disappointed” by a Swiss decision last week against using seized Russian assets to help Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction. β€œIt is unthinkable that at the very end … Read more