Blinken to speak about aid and Nordic NATO candidacy during visit to earthquake-hit Turkey

MUNICH, Feb 19 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will arrive in Turkey on Sunday for an official visit and will discuss how Washington can further help Ankara as it grapples with the aftermath of a devastating land that killed tens of thousands of people. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and … Read more

EU calls for joint arms purchases to help Ukraine

MUNICH, Feb 18 (Reuters) – The European Union is urgently exploring ways for its member countries to team up to buy ammunition to help Ukraine, following warnings from Kiev that its forces need more supplies soon, diplomats and officials said. EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss the idea of ​​a joint purchase of 155 … Read more

South Africa’s naval exercise with Russia and China raises Western alarm

South Africa holds 10-day exercise with Russia and China Government rejects criticism, says neutral on Ukraine The drills have sounded the alarm among key Western partners JOHANNESBURG, Feb 17 (Reuters) – South Africa was due to launch a joint naval exercise with Russia and China on Friday, a move it calls routine but has fueled … Read more

Explosions hit western Ukraine after Russia fired four missiles, officials say

KYIV, Feb 18 (Reuters) – Explosions injured two civilians and shattered several hundred windows in the western Ukrainian town of Khmelnytsky as Russia fired missiles from the Black Sea on Saturday, officials said Ukrainian officials. The Ukrainian Air Force said Russia launched four Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea, two of which were shot down … Read more